The Good and the Bad.

I’m coming to realize that in may ways, running and diabetes are the same. In my mind, A plus B should always equal C. Alas in diabetes and running, that is rarely the case.

Saturday I had a great run at a local park. There’s a somewhat hilly 6 mile loop around a lake, and it’s just… nice. Most days I run through typical suburbia, so it’s nice to have a change of pace. Anyway, though it’s early in the season, my legs felt great and I ran 10 at a comfortable 8:30 pace. Sunday and monday life got in the way, so last night was my first run since then. It would seem that in those two days someone snuck in to my room during the night and replaced my legs with those of weak octogenarian. Seriously, I struggled through 3 miles at a 9:20 pace, and almost threw in the towel just before the end of the second mile. Counterintuitive as it seems, I have found that the more often I run, the better my legs recover. When I take more than one day off, the legs tighten up. Go figure…

My diabetes is often even less predictable. So far today I’ve had exactly the same breakfast and lunch as yesterday, with exactly the same Insulin to Carb ratios, and I’m running about 20-30 points higher. Partly that could have something to do with the poor run last night, but mostly it’s just being insulin dependent.

Plans are starting to come together for Insulindependence (IN) and the Philadelphia marathon. I hope to have the hotel/meeting room locked in by the end of this week so  people can sign up and start fundraising. Our goal for this year (IN’s first year at this race) is 50 runners between all three offered distances (marathon, 1/2 marathon, and 8k) and I really think we can surpass that. I’ll write more about IN soon, but it is truly an organization I am so glad to have found. Of course this will also be my first attempt at the full marathon distance. It’s still a long way off, but I’m not worried about finishing, rather more concerned about finishing well. Still, it’s a long way off. For now I’ll just worry about getting to the start healthy…

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