There was a very nice comment left the other day by DiabeticallyYours in which she mentioned that she wishes she had my strength. I think she’s underestimating herself. I run to stay fit, because I’m results oriented and like the feedback, and most importantly because I enjoy it. The fact that it improves my diabetes control and reduces the chances of complications is, quite frankly, a bonus. Were diabetes control my primary concern I doubt I would run nearly as much as I do.

The reality is that while regular exercise is a critical component of diabetes management, the workout regimen required to be a relatively fast marathon runner is, to put it mildly, overkill. Here is my challenge to anyone reading this blog, diabetic or not: do something active every day. Go for a walk. Ride a bike. Take a yoga class. Heck, play tag with your kids (or dog – now that’s a workout). The point is, every little bit counts, and the single best exercise you can do is the one you do consistently.

Ran a pleasant 10 this morning. It was going to be 12, but around mile 9 my hip tightened up and I’m really trying to ease up the miles up slowly this season to stay healthy. I’m fine with cutting it a little short, and more importantly I finished with a blood sugar reading of 114. I’ll take it! In other news, Sheffield Wednesday have one two on the trot under their new manager and have a real shot at promotion this year, and the MLS season has started with some surprises. Most importantly my beloved Union start their season tomorrow night!

One more thing: in my part of the world we set our clocks forward today. If you’re a diabetic, don’t forget to change the clock on your meter, pump (if you’re on one), and CGMS (again, if applicable).

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2 Responses to Exercise.

  1. Funny how I did a post on time change this morning reminding myself and others to change the time on their pumps, but totally forgot about the glucose meter! Hahaha! Thanks for reminding me!
    On another note, I’m glad that you found my comment nice, and you might be right when you say that I am underestimating myself… Before my pregnancy (Actually, even before getting married) I would work out 5 days a week, run and be very active. I think I gave myself an excuse when I got pregnant to live a sedentary life. I should definitely take on your challenge and do something active every single day.
    Starting tomorrow, I’ll go for a (fast) walk every single mornings with my son. That’s gonna give me something to blog about, too!
    Read you later!

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