30 Degrees.

Today in this part of the world it was 75 degrees F. For comparison, when I ran Sunday morning it was 45. I’m always a little stiff after a day off, but today was brutal. My legs were a little stiff, but okay I can deal with that. Really the problem was the 30 degree swing. I only did 4 miles, and at a reasonable pace, but it took significantly more effort than it should have. The last half mile I actually had to “zip up my man suit” a little just to keep pace (of course it doesn’t help that the last half mile was entirely uphill). To make matters worse, my mind was reveling in the spring temperatures and felt like the run should have been far easier than it was. Oh well, come July and August I’ll look back at 75 degrees with fond remembrance…

Any of you other diabetics out there: what does the change in season do to your insulin usage? When the weather turned cold I found I needed to increase my basal and reduce my I:C ratios, but it’s entirely possible that the season change coincided with the end of my honeymoon phase. To some extent it makes sense to me that insulin needs would increase as our metabolism slows for the winter, and Bill King (type 1 runner extraordinaire and Animas employee) told me at a race last year that he has some fairly significant seasonal shifts, but several other T1s I’ve asked don’t have the same issue. I’ll write more on this as the season progresses.

GlucoLift All Natural Glucose Tablets (well worth a try) posted this image on FaceBook this morning, and I think it’s perfect:


It just makes me smile.

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1 Response to 30 Degrees.

  1. HAH! I love that picture! So true.
    As for basal change through the seasons, I’ve noticed nothing, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m a woman and hormones keep affecting my readings, all, the, time. Well, by all the time I mean every few weeks. Other than that, No change for me.

    And guess what; I’ve started jogging with my son! I’ll let you know eventually if my will is as strong as it can get and if I keep it up haha!

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