When I’m traveling for my work I find running to be either one of my favorite parts of the trip or a chore to be slogged through. Typically this distinction is made based on where and when I’m able to sneak in a run. For example, my absolute favorite way to see a new city is an early morning run. The sidewalks and streets are relatively empty, and you’ve got no specific destination, so you really tend to get to see a part of that city very few people ever do.

Yesterday my last meeting of the day was with a client who has also become a personal friend over the years, and when he realized that it was my last meeting he pulled out a couple of Nugget Nectars. How could I refuse? While we had a great meeting with discussion ranging from business to politics to bicycles (his stable is drool-worthy) this also meant that I didn’t get dinner until well after 8 and didn’t get checked in to the hotel until nearly 10. No time for a run there, so it was out of bed at 5:30 this morning so I can do a double (two runs in one day). Unfortunately, the hotel I was in wasn’t even on a road, per se, rather it was surrounded on all sides by parking lots, restaurants, and shopping malls. Off to the treadmill I went… Now don’t get me wrong – I think treadmills are valuable tools that serve a purpose. They’re great for intervals when you don’t have convenient access to a track. Ditto for hills. They also come in handy when it’s freezing rain or dangerously hot outside. An easy 6 miles when it’s 50 degrees out? Not so much. But there I was, sweaty and bored. Remember how I said it was amazing to run in a new city? This would be the opposite of that.

Before I forget, happy belated Pi Day!!!


(Yes, I am geeky enough to own a Pi themed shirt. It was a gift from my mother who knows me too well.)

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1 Response to Treadmill.

  1. lovehatediabetes says:

    I find the only way I can stay motivated in a run is when I’m exploring a city/town. Looking at all the beautiful houses or scenery makes the run MUCH better. Treadmills just make me think of the pain, definitely boredom.

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