New Toy!

So yesterday I finally broke down and bought myself a Garmin 310XT. Typically I use Runkeeper on my iPhone to track my runs, but as I don’t normally listen to music when I run I was getting tired of carrying it around. Add to that my commitments mentioned yesterday (namely pacing my friend and starting triathlon training again) and it just made sense. Also I wanted one. 🙂

While I was at the running store (you DO support your local running store, don’t you?) I got to chatting with the owner about compression socks. I’m always and forever dealing with niggling pains and tightness in my lower legs, and the more I read and hear about compression socks the more intrigued I was becoming. Several years ago compression socks users started popping up on several of the triathlon forums I would frequent like Slowtwitch (triathletes LOVE their their technology) and have since made their way to the more mainstream running community. What I didn’t know was that apparently most of the compression socks that the early adopters were using were in fact designed as diabetic socks. Anyway I picked a pair up and will put my thoughts down here once I put them through their paces (no pun intended). I think I may even violate one of the cardinal rules of running and wear them for the half Saturday.

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