One Year

One year ago today I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. 

In many ways it seems much more recent; like I just found out last week. In most ways, though, it feels fully integrated into my life. Testing and bolusing before each meal no longer seems odd. I know intellectually that it wasn’t long ago that I didn’t have to think about blood sugar, but that feels like a foggy and distant memory. This is part of who I am now.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my journey so far. I’ve had phenomenal support from my medical team, my family, my girlfriend, and my friends. I’ve even made a few new friends because of my diabetes both through the online world and the amazing folks I’ve met with Insulindependence. While things haven’t always been easy, I’ve learned over the past year that this disease doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Complications are not inevitable. I can still do al the things I love to do. I can still run farther, faster than most people I know. I just need to carry more stuff to do it 🙂 (seriously, I sometimes feel like I carried less stuff in the infantry…). I can still have a couple beers with friends or the occasional dessert.

One thing that keeps occurring to me is that I am not special. I truly believe that with the right support and tools anyone can successfully manage their diabetes. It takes diligence and some hard work, but it’s not impossible. 

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my athletic heroes:

“Eat right. Get lots of sleep. Drink plenty of fluids. Go like hell!”

-Mark Allen


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