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ODDyssey Half Marathon 2013

This past Sunday was the 2013 running of the ODDyssey Half Marathon. I first ran this last year (in only the second year of the event) and was impressed with the organization, course, overall vibe, and perhaps most importantly free … Continue reading

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I posted a link to a blog discussing Bill Cosby and his misstatements regarding diabetes. Here’s another viewpoint from Steve at Living Vertical that I think is worth your time.

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Read this. Now.

Very well written blog entry by the always thoughtful and entertaining Kelly Kunik. It will bever cease to amaze me the depths of ignorance that exists in today’s information age.

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When question marks attack

There are few things more annoying than the Dexcom Question Marks of Doom. At least the sensors are inexpensive.* *The sensors are not inexpensive.

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Knowing Better

I really should have known better. I did know better, and it still happened. The other day after work I met up with some friends for a really interesting event in which we learned about off-flavors in beer and how … Continue reading

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Type 3?

Living with diabetes can be unrelenting. Everything that passes your lips must be considered for how it will effect your blood sugar and the appropriate treatment applied. “Appropriate Treatment” too often being nothing more than an educated guess seemingly more … Continue reading

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Tour de Cure

Let me start by saying that while I think the American Diabetes Association does some great stuff, I’ve become somewhat reticent to attend their events after participating in a couple of their “Step Out” walks and feeling a little like … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks

Ever have one of those days?

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Catching Up

“There is no failure. Only Feedback.” -Mark Allen More than half a year has passed since I’ve written here. Far too much has happened to cover in a single post, so I’ll just give some highlights and perhaps expand in … Continue reading

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Iron Andy Cup

(Two posts in as many days! Zoiks!) I generally have a hard time saying “no” to a race whose cause I appreciate. The Iron Andy Cup directly benefits the Iron Andy Foundation whose mission is sending diabetic kids to camp. … Continue reading

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